34 Pins
several different types of earrings and tags on a wooden table next to some paper bags
four blue and white snowflakes on a wooden surface
Perler Hama bead - Blue and white star coasters
three pieces of perler bead art with bows and gift boxes on the side
Strijkkralen cadeautjes kadootjes
four christmas presents wrapped in brown paper and decorated with bead designs, including a cross - stitch tree
NameBright - Coming Soon
six pixelated santa claus coasters on a table
four different types of wrapped presents with bows and hearts on them, all decorated in red and white polka dots
5 kostliche Mahlzeiten aus 5 Zutaten, die jeder zubereiten kann
three pieces of lego art made to look like hearts and rainbows on a wooden surface
the instructions for how to make an origami heart box with beads and thread
3d Perler Bead Pattern-How to Make a Perler Bead Red Heart Box
a card with two pieces of legos on it and the words happy birthday written in large letters
an ornament made to look like a star with a fox head on it
Bügelperlen Eule - Vorlage für Schlüsselanhänger - Strickstern