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a green store front with lots of items in the window and on display outside it
good source: the shopkeepers. (sfgirlbybay)
the storefront of aesop is painted green
Aesop Store Londres Grande Bretagne - Architecture commerciale et devantures - shop design
the entrance to me & joe store with green glass doors and shelves on each side
Me & Joe flagship store in Thessaloniki | Urban Soul Project - Archisearch
a woman sitting at a table in front of a wall that says sit down be humble
Top 10 Photo Spots in Costa Mesa for your Instagram Feed
the inside of a restaurant with menus on the wall and tables in front of it
Best London Coffee Shops- EverythingEva
there are many items on the counter in this restaurant that is green and blue with pink signs above it
The Most Instagrammable Cafés in New York City - NYC Travel Guide
the entrance to a restaurant called churro bunny with yellow walls and steps leading up to it
a bike parked in front of a green building with the word honu written on it
a blue and yellow table sitting on top of a floor
The Retro Exuberance of Wrocław’s Biggy Eatery by BUCK.STUDIO | Yatzer
two wooden chairs sitting at a table in front of green paneled walls
Art, architecture and travel in Denmark
the interior of a restaurant with green walls and white tile counter tops, along with stools
Mid-Century Palette With A Mediterranean Influence | Habitus Living