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some kind of clay that is on a table
two clay animals sitting on top of a table next to paintbrushes and paper
Bobble head construction
Colored Pencils on Clay Tutorial
Take your bisque fired clay to the next level with colored pencils! Paint a base coat with acrylic paint and go crazy with any brand of colored pencils.
a young boy is holding a metal fish
Clay Fish Plaques
a man is making an octopus sculpture out of clay on a sheet of white paper
Clay Fish Plaques
Clay Fish Plaques | Ms. Amsler's Artroom
several white plastic utensils sitting on top of a metal rack
Studio Art Club on Instagram: "Clay paintbrushes with 3rd graders! We’re doing clay with allll classes these past couple of weeks and wrapping them up after Spring Break. Some 5th graders saw these and remembered doing them for summer art camp several years ago. I LOVED @mizzzlee_art clay crowns and paintbrushes, 😍 so we did both back then with some modifications. That group glazed both sides of their projects…all 4 sides, actually, made clay paint drip beads that were hung with fishing wire fr
a person holding up some glass animal magnets
studioart.club on Instagram: The audio says it all 😇😂💞 Loving these Llama Looms. Thanks again to @pinkstripeysocks blog on cardboard llama looms as inspo and…
several pieces of art that have been placed on a table with pencils and ink
Artwork for a Slow Lived Home
art project for kids with pictures of farm animals and sheep on them, including the words peter diem inspired coms
Crazy Cows-Peter Diem inspired