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the statue is made out of wood and has two hands on one arm, with an elaborate headdress
two people on a boat in the water at night, with lanterns lit up behind them
La Tzigane Montreal || Source : Shoda Koho
Eriwan 4: Matenadaran Christ, Antique Books, Orthodox Icons, Metal Artwork, Illuminated Manuscript, Armenian Culture, Ancient
Eriwan 4: Matenadaran
Eriwan 4: Matenadaran
Cesare Augusto Detti Baroque, Rococo, Marie Antoinette, Rococo Fashion, Roccoco Dresses, Moda, 1700s Aesthetic, Rococo Art
Cesare Augusto Detti
an image of a painting of people in formal dress
"El Recital" by Juan Pablo Salinas.
a painting of two women sitting at a table with an older man in the background
Juan Pablo Salinas - Entertainment ladies and gentlemen
a painting of a woman in an elegant dress standing next to a vase with flowers
Oh la la! Lavish 250-year-old desk where King of France's mistress Madame de Pompadour penned her love letters goes under the hammer (and it could be yours for a cool £5m)
Oh la la! Lavish 250-year-old desk where King of France's mistress Madame de…
an acrylic painting of a snow covered mountain peak in black and white colors
Conrad Jon Godly
"Sol 5," by Conrad J. Godly. This is a freaking oil painting. A thick, textured oil painting, with the painting running off the bottom of the canvas. And the artist has made about a hundred more. I'm in love.
Samurai, Chinese Painting, Asian, Japanese Tree, Chinese Landscape
a painting of a man riding on the back of a horse
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ARAMAZD (Արամազդ), was the principal deity in Armenia's pre-Christian pantheon. He displaced Amanor and Vanatur at the top of the pantheon. Called the father of all the gods and goddesses, Aramazd created the heavens and the earth. The first two letters in his name, "AR", are the Armenian root for sun, light, and life. Worshiped as a sun-god, Aramazd was considered to be the source of earth’s fertility, making it fruitful and bountiful. The feast in his honor was called Amanor (Am'nor).
a painting of a woman sitting on a bench
Shamiram by the Body of Ara the Beautiful, 1899, by Vardges Surenyants (Armenian, 1860-1921); The National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan; "... had fed the heart on fantasies, The heart's grown brutal from the fare." W. B. Yeats' The Stare's Nest by My Window
a painting of a woman standing in front of a wall
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