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a table that has some napkins on it and a glass in front of it
Margarita Bistro, Moscow
In Moscow, design company Dzek uses marmoreal for the table tops and floors at Margarita Bistro.
an empty counter in a restaurant with pots and pans
#terrazzo #terrazzodesign #flooring #terrazzoflooring
a pink chair sitting on top of a floor next to a green table with a cup of coffee
Sofa Workshop By Timothy Oulton
The Terrazzo Trend For Every Room - Sofa Workshop
an abstract pattern made up of different colored shapes and sizes on white paper with blue, orange
Hovia - Consciously Designed Wallpaper & Murals
Terrazzo flooring is hot in the interior world this season, and is being used to style such a wide variety of rooms within homes and commercial spaces. Terrazzo is a beautiful trend, inspired by the raw natural elements that mother earth has provided us with, and not only does it take us closer to nature, terrazzo creates iconic interior spaces wherever used. Create your own magnificent space, full of interior flair, with the new AtraFloor Terrazzo Stone Effect Collection. Click image to shop.
an image of a concrete surface that looks like it could be used as a background
Pietre di paragone gre 60x120 -
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes on the surface, including black, brown, orange
Stracciatella-R... Stracciatella by Arcana. From $4 in New York +delivery
Stracciatella-R Nacar_80x80,
an image of some kind of tile that looks like it is made out of glass
Terrazzo Colors Selection | Terrazzo Australian Marble | Tiles Sydney
colours tiles