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Paint & Furniture Strippers 101- Podcast
Types of furniture strippers, considerations when choosing one, popular brands, tips for using paint stripper & common mistakes to avoid. Answers: What is the best product to strip wood furniture? Is it better to sand or strip furniture? What is the best thing to remove paint from furniture? What is paint stripper & how do I use it? What is the best tool for stripping furniture? How to remove old paint from furniture How to make chemical stripper work Easiest way to strip wood furniture
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Safety Gear & Equipment For Furniture Makeovers | PPE When Painting & Refinishing Furniture
Products and equipment you need to wear, from head-to-toe, to keep you safe and protected when painting and refinishing furniture. The products we use and tasks we do when working on our furniture makeovers present risks and can be are harmful to us and our bodies if proper protection isn’t followed. This safety equipment, safety gear & PPE will protect you from wood dust, solvents, chemicals and vapours you encounter flipping furniture and refurbishing furniture.
Ways To Remove The Finish From Furniture | Stripping Wood Furniture Methods
To hear the last 2 methods and find out the pros and cons of using each, tune in to episode 44 of the podcast BusyBee Refinishing with MelDidItHerself or read it on the blog at
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Newbie Mistakes To Avoid On Your Furniture Makeover | Five Lessons I Learned Doing Furniture Flips
My lessons learned doing furniture refurbishing & 5 mistakes I made early on doing furniture makeovers and how you can avoid making them! Ever wondered: What mistakes should I avoid when doing a furniture makeover?How do I stay productive in my furniture painting and refinishing business?What are lessons learned from a furniture refurbisher?What are some furniture makeover mistakes to avoid?What are newbie mistakes when doing furniture refinishing?What are furniture painting mistakes to avoid?
Two 🚨Important🚨 Rules For Furniture Refinishing
the furniture makeover episode is here
Furniture Makeover Podcast | Furniture Painting and Refinishing Podcast For All Experience Levels
Doing furniture makeovers and upcycling furniture to keep it from the landfill is my passion, so I’m paying it forward by bringing you my tips on refurbishing and refinishing furniture, lessons learned from previous furniture & DIY projects, and sharing my journey in business as a furniture refinisher and entrepreneur. Join me if you're a lifelong learner and busy bee like me that's interested in transforming furniture and bringing new life to the old & unloved! Your furniture makeover awaits!
the furniture flipper's holiday gift guide for busybee refinshing with meldiatheres
Podcast: Gift Guide for a DIYer & Furniture Flipper
Holiday gift guide for the furniture painter & refinisher in your life! If you have ever wondered what are good gifts to give someone who does furniture refurbishing, furniture makeovers, furniture flipping & furniture painting, this list's items will save them time, energy or moneywhen transforming their furniture pieces. These are items are things that someone may not splurge on for themself but would absolutely get great use out of in their process of upcycling furniture. Listen now!
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6 Products That Will Make Your Furniture Makeovers Easier | Furniture Flipping Hacks
Make your furniture makeovers go more smoothly with these 6 products that will help save you time, effort, energy, and money when flipping your upcycled furniture!
🚨Don’t Skip This Step In Your Furniture Makeover‼️ Most Important Step In Your Furniture Flip✨
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Update The Drawers In Your Furniture Makeovers | Furniture Flipping Tips
The drawers of your furniture makeover are often overlooked real estate but are somewhere you can refinish to stand apart from the competition and create a unique design in your furniture flip. This furniture refinishing hack will ensure your upcycled furniture is marketable to resell and provides customers with one-of-a-kind pieces to furnish their homes. Check out the podcast link for more ideas of ways to makeover the drawers in your furniture flips!
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Stage Your Furniture Makeovers with Ease | Easy Staging Tips for Furniture Flips | MelDidItHerself
Staging your furniture flips to sell is an important part of the furniture refinishing process-- you want your ideal client to see your piece and think "I need that in my home!". These hacks for staging painted and refurbished furniture will give you scroll-stopping photos so your clients will envision your refinished furniture in their home. Show off your furniture makeovers effectively by staging with home decor, plants and more and sell your transformed furniture with easy- read the blog now!
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Furniture Flippers' Holiday Gift Guide | Best Gifts for Furniture Painters & Furniture Refinishers
If you know someone who loves doing furniture makeovers & furniture flips but you don't know what to get them for Christmas or the holidays, this guide is for you! If you are the furniture painter or furniture refinisher, be sure to check it out to beef up your Wishlist this year or maybe "accidentally" send the link to your special someone🤭These gifts will save time, effort & energy for the furniture flipper in your life & are things they may not otherwise splurge for themselves- check it out!
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6 Products To Make Your Furniture Flips Easier | Furniture Refinishing Tips
When you're painting and refinishing furniture, you want your furniture flip to be as easy and painless as possible. These 6 products have proven to be well worth the investment for me and my business to get the best furniture makeovers, from getting the sharpest lines to saving time with sanding and speeding up the process of stripping paint.
Restoring MCM Legs Hack | Furniture Makeover Sanding Tip | Furniture Flip Trick
Products Needed to Paint a Furniture Piece
Refinishing furniture isn’t difficult, but it does make the process much easier and more enjoyable if you have the right products and tools to do the job!✨ Here’s the basics for most projects: • ✨Degreasing soap: Mix a small amount with warm water to thorough clean your piece before doing anything else. • ✨Microfibre cloth: To help with the cleaning process, to scrub the nooks & crannies of any dirt, dust or grime. • ✨Lower grit sandpaper: To scuff sand the piece by roughing it up and removing any sleek, shiny finish to make it easier for the paint to adhere (use a sander or some elbow grease). • ✨Quality paintbrushes: This will help to give you a flawless finish, pictured here are the @zibrapainting fan brush & @woosterbrushcompany shortcut brush. • ✨Quality paint: Tons of optio
Refinishing Tip: Sanding Furniture Legs