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Furniture Painting Police🚨🚔
Furniture Refinishing Tutorial | Rustic Coffee Table Makeover
To grab your Surf Prep or Fusion Mineral Paint products and save money on your order, head to! If you're looking for some support in tackling your first furniture makeover, check out my No BS Guide To Your First Furniture Makeover: Interested in more furniture painting and refinishing content? Follow me on Instagram and Tiktok @MelDidItHerself and subscribe to my new podcast Busybee Refinishing with MelDidItHerself on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts! Head to to sign up for the Friday Furniture Focus for weekly furniture painting and refinishing inspo to start your weekend off right!
Antique Secretary Desk Restoration Tutorial | Wood Furniture Makeover with Fusion Mineral Paint
Check out the link in my bio to save 10% off all Fusion Mineral Paint products & Surf Prep Sanding products! Interested in furniture makeovers? Tune in to my podcast BusyBee Refinishing with MelDidItHerself to learn all about how to do furniture flips & the ins and outs of running a furniture refinishing business✨
Secretary Desk Refinishing Tutorial | Furniture Makeover Using Fusion Mineral Paint
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Chalk Paint 101: What Is Chalk Paint, How To Use, How Is It Different & What Brand Should I Choose?
🎧Podcast episode🎧 discussing chalk paint for furniture painting-what chalk paint is, where it was created & what makes it different from latex or acrylic paints. I also provide insight into my preferred chalk paint brands, when I like to use chalk paint for my furniture makeovers, and the pros and cons of choosing chalk paint for your next furniture flip! If you have ever wondered "how do I apply chalk paint? Is chalk paint easy to use? Why am I getting brush strokes in chalk paint?" tune in!
a wooden dresser with the words modernize your wood furniture on it's side
7 Ways To Modernize Your Outdated Wood Furniture - Podcast | MelDidItHerself
Different approaches you can take to modernize your outdated wood furniture in your home to give it a new feel, look & vibe. From simple hacks that take seconds to a more thorough makeover, these options will leave you with plenty to consider the next time you look at an old piece of wood furniture in your home and debate whether or not you should buy something new (HINT: you probably shouldn’t!). Easy makeover tutorials, furniture refurbishing, furniture refinishing, modernise wood furniture
the furniture painting episode is here
Furniture Painting Podcast | Podcast on Furniture Makeovers & Furniture Flipping
Doing furniture makeovers & upcycling furniture to keep it from the landfill is my passion, so I’m paying it forward by bringing you my tips on refurbishing and refinishing furniture, lessons learned from previous furniture & DIY projects, and sharing my journey in business as a furniture refinisher and entrepreneur. Join me if you're a lifelong learner and busy bee like me that's interested in transforming furniture and bringing new life to the old & unloved! Your 1st furniture makeover awaits!
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First Furniture Makeover Guide | Step-By-Step Guide To Your First Furniture Flip
This guide to completing your first furnitue makeover will have you refinishing your first piece of furniture with ease! Learn how to do an easy furniture makeover with step-by-step instructions, whether you want to paint a piece of furniture or learn how to stain wood furniture. This guide will help beginners upcycle furniture, know what products to use, learn tricks for saving time and effort, and provide a checklist for your first furniture makeover so you have all of the supplies you need.
How to Stain Wood Furniture | Restoring Vintage Furniture Tutorial | DIY Furniture Makeover
Two grey two-drawer wood nightstands refinished in Rustoleum Chalked Aged Grey with black vintage hardware and chestnut stained wood top Refurbished Furniture, Paint Furniture, Painting Furniture, Brush Strokes, Hand Painted, Avoid
How To Paint Furniture | Paint Furniture By Hand & Get A Great Finish | Furniture Painting Tutorial
Painting furniture by hand can result in a beautiful, flawless(ish) finish, you just need to know the tips to make it happen! If you're someone who likes to get into the flow of painting your furniture makeovers, these tips will teach you how to avoid brush strokes when painting your pieces and how to ensure you get the best finish possible. If you have ever wondered "is it possible to get a hand painted finish that looks like it was sprayed" on your refurbished furniture, check it out!
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How To Do Your First Furniture Makeover | Refinishing Your First Furniture Piece | MelDidItHerself
Step-by-step instructions on how to tackle your first furniture flip to either paint or refinish a piece of furniture in your home, one someone gives to you, or a thrifted or curbside find. I'll walk you through all the important stages to have a successful furniture transformation: Sourcing, cleaning, repairing, prepping, refinishing, protecting, and ENJOYING. After this guide, you'll feel confident taking on your first furniture makeover with ease.
Corner Shelf Makeover Using CUREiously Pink by Fusion Mineral Paint |Easy Furniture Flip Tutorial💗