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Ripping Apart My Powder Room | DIY Bathroom Makeover - Part 1
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the furniture makeover episode is here and it's going to be finished with some wood
Furniture Makeover Podcast | Podcast on Furniture Painting & Furniture Flipping
Doing furniture makeovers & upcycling furniture to keep it from the landfill is my passion, so I’m paying it forward by bringing you my tips on refurbishing and refinishing furniture, lessons learned from previous furniture & DIY projects, and sharing my journey in business as a furniture refinisher and entrepreneur. Join me if you're a lifelong learner and busy bee like me that's interested in transforming furniture and bringing new life to the old & unloved! Your 1st furniture makeover awaits!
Painted laminate bathroom vanity countertops | Painting my bathroom counters | Rustoleum Tutorial
Difficulty: Easy
How to caulk | Caulking tutorial around kitchen sink | Easy home improvement projects