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a blue bird sitting on top of a tree branch
seaglass etc
the blue fairy wren of Australia...
white and red flowers floating on top of water next to moss covered rocks in a stream
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a black and gold chair sitting in front of a wallpaper covered with golden flowers
zen and the art of darkness
zen and the art of darkness
an ornate building with many windows and a clock on the top of it's roof
Casa Batlló
Casa Batlló, Barcelona.
the reflection of two tall buildings in water
Triple Star
Singapore - Triple Star
This is what a sonic boom looks like Techno, Sonic Boom, Sonic, Fighter Jets, Jet, Fighter Planes, Fighter Aircraft, Fighter, Auto
Sonic Boom
This is what a sonic boom looks like
a park with lots of trees and yellow flowers
Literary Walk, Central Park
two people in a small boat on a canal surrounded by trees with orange leaves and yellow foliage
Utrecht, The Netherlands
two brown and white puppies sitting in a wooden basket on top of a table
Top 10 #Cutest Looking #Dog Breeds of all Time
a heart shaped cake on a white plate with two cups of coffee in the background
Inspiration lane
#Inspiration Lane #Coffee