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Little Tasbih Pouch DIY
Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) would amend his own clothes & shoes 🪡💛 Sewing is such a useful life skill, its fun & its a beautiful Sunnah! Here we make some little pouches for our prayer beads (& candy!) These would be adorable for littles ones to take along to the Masjid 😃 We used felt & yarn in an array of simple shapes & wonderful colours 🎨📿 Step by step instructions are on on website 🌿✨
DIY Coffee Table Upcycle
I considered using dowel but wanted to try something a *bit* different, and when I remembered I’d picked up some slatted bamboo bathroom mats from the aisles of Bunnings a while ago, I knew this had to be this week’s aisle upcycle.
DIY a cat hidden in greeting card.
arabic worksheet with pictures and words
بوكلت اللغة العربية بالتدريبات لثانية حضانة Arabic booklet kg2 first term 2017 2018
arabic alphabet worksheet with pictures and letters for children to learn in the classroom
أوراق عمل 📕 📗 📘 📙 6 تدريبات على كل حرف 📌طباعة
DIY Paper Camera Toy For Kids📷