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there are two shelves with pictures and frames on them, one is displaying family photos
Building a Picture Ledge for Under $20! - Come Stay Awhile by Amanda Vernaci | Modern Farmhouse DIY + Home Renovation
the 5 frames are shown on top of each other, and have pink squares in them
How to Decorate Picture Ledges — The Decor Formula
a washer and dryer in a blue room with white cabinets under construction on the wall
How to Enclose the Open Space Above Cabinets
the kitchen island is clean and ready for us to use
The Finished Cottage Fresh Kitchen
a woman standing on top of a kitchen counter
DIY Upper Cabinet Boxes
DIY Upper Cabinet Boxes | Simply Beautiful By Angela
the secret to perfectly painted oak cabinets
Painting oak cabinets white: An amazing transformation
the corner of a room that is being built with plywood and white paint on it
Kitchen Island Makeover with Beadboard | Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer
a large kitchen island with chairs around it
Coastal Style Kitchen Featuring Shaker Cabinets in Blue-Green Paint
a kitchen with wooden cabinets and drawers in the process of remodeling it
How To Make Ugly Cabinets Look Great! — DESIGNED
Kitchen cabinets under construction, remodeling old cabinets, ARTICLE: How to Make Old Cabinets Look Good!