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Não consigo ver melhoria em nada na minha vida. Crê em Deus era para ter me trazido alguns benefícios. Mas ser quem eu sou, não existe nada... Estou tão frustrada e com raiva de mim


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#wattpad #romance Una historia de amor donde t/n y Payton viven diversas cosas por terceras personas pero que a pesar de todo siguen juntos. Segunda temporada en mi perfil <3
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I could imagine Mary Poppins serving this cup of star tea #marypoppins #cupofstars #blueaesthetic


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•Segunda parte de "Mafia Italiana"     Después del grave incidente qu… #romance # Romance # amreading # books # wattpad


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Butterfly Rubber Stamps (RubberHedgehog.Com) ($10) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring butterflies, backgrounds, fillers, drawings, animals, doodles, quotes, text, borderes and detail


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a cute little pokemon sitting in the grass with big eyes and ears, staring at something
Eevee Pokémon Pre Evolution, Pokémon Fan Art
a digital painting of a cat with big eyes
Mimikyu Pokémon Fan Art
a painting of a cat sleeping on a tree branch with leaves in the foreground
three young people hugging each other with backpacks
a cartoon character with red eyes and ears sitting in front of a blue sky background
a painting of a blue butterfly with red eyes holding a finger up to it's face
a white rabbit sitting next to a vase with flowers in it on a window sill
a white cat sitting on top of a bed next to a person's hand
a cute little fox sitting on top of a field of flowers
a painting of a rabbit sitting in a field of flowers with the sun behind it