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four different colored wallets sitting on top of each other
A world of gifts. The Vitesse card and passport envelopes are available in an array of pastel colours and classic neutrals. #Moynat…
Сумка-трансформер своими руками Fashion, Bags, Purses, Clutch, Wallet, Coin Purse
Сумка-трансформер своими руками
the bag is made out of felt and has different designs on it
Felt Bag Tutorial
Photo Tutorial: How to Make Bag Felt. DIY step-by-step.
the instructions for how to make a paper bag with newspaper strips and other things in it
Fabric Bag Hobo DIY
Hobo Bag Sewing Tutorial Pattern. A step-by-step tutorial with photos.
the instructions for how to make an origami purse
Fabric Gift Bag Tutorial
the zipper wallet is open and ready to be sewn into its own fabric pattern
Zipper Wallet DIY Tutorial.
DIY Fabric Wallet for Women Picture Tutorial. ~ Шьём кошелек - портмоне.
the instructions for how to make a pencil case with zippers and pockets in one place
Multi-functional Bag / Bankbook Pouch
Multi-functional Bag / Bankbook Pouch. Sewing Pattern and Tutorial