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a table topped with lots of jewelry next to a glass filled with liquid and confetti
a pearl in an oyster shell on a white background
the cover of harry winston's book cheetah, which features an image of a leopard wearing a diamond necklace
a black and white photo of a helmeted woman next to an old sports car
a drawing of a woman sitting on a couch in front of a table with a lamp
a fork with some food on it and one has been eaten by the other side
a white cat sitting on top of a pair of shoes next to a woman's feet
Kate Spade New York / Holiday 2020 Campaign
Kate Spade New York / Holiday 2020 Campaign — Flaunt Magazine
a woman floating in the water with a disco ball on her head and holding a drink
several people playing cards on a green table
a bunch of teddy bears that are all together
a young boy washing his car in the driveway