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two black and gold colored swords laying on the floor next to each other, one has a flower in it's center
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japanese sword engraving | True Swords Empire, Samurai Swords Katana, Samurai Swords, Blade, Sword
japanese sword engraving
japanese sword engraving | True Swords
four different types of knives on the ground
there are many knives on the wall hanging from it's sides and in front of them is a knife holder
From top to bottom: T10 hitatsura hamon Maru Kitae. 1060 though hardener Shobu Zukuri. Kouken. 1075 spring steel Jingum(Hira Zukuri). T10 Kobuse, custom made, dotanuki, suguha hamon. 1095/1060 folded, honsanmai clay tempered, custom tsuka. Soshu kitae, full shell saya 1095. 1095 Maru kitae folded, clay tempered custom tsuka. L6 bainite, maru kitae , suguha hamon.
four different colored canes lined up on a white wall next to eachother
My best tsukas project in leather and japanese silk ito.
four different types of swords are on display
red damascus katana pk022rf part 2
there are many knives hanging on the wall
Japanese Swords
Japanese Swords - photo by Steve Nagata: In Kudanshita now, just north of the Imperial Palace and saw this shop selling Japanese swords. Most of these swords are purely decorative or are for use in practicing a martial art known as Iaidou 居合道 so they do not have sharpened blades. It is now illegal to carry a sword around with you in Japan, but centuries ago the upper classes in Japan would always carry the "two swords".
four different types of metal items with japanese writing on them and an image of the words heaven & hell kitchens
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four different types of swords are shown in three different positions, one is black and the other is silver
Swords and than some ...
Cheness Cutlery - 33" O-Katana - Forged 9260 Carbon Spring Steel Katana Sword.:
four different types of knifes are displayed on a table
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Hand made AISI 1060 steel. Clay tempered shinogui zukuri at left, Razor sharp shinogui zukuri at center and Tameshigiri Unokubi zukuri razor sharp at right. Custom by me. #armas #army #guns #airsoft
拝一刀の愛刀 (同田貫 正国) Martial Arts, Japanese Swords, Curved Swords, Straight Blade, Spears, Japan
日本刀コレクション 販売
拝一刀の愛刀 (同田貫 正国)