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an older woman wearing a gray scarf and smiling at the camera with white brick wall behind her
Reflections of A Master Teacher: Nevine Michaan
a woman laying on the floor with her feet up
As practice gets difficult... - The Flow Yoga
a man is doing a trick on a skateboard in the air with his legs spread out
Inner Optics
a woman is upside down on the floor
a woman is jumping in the air with her legs spread out and hair flying through the air
Beatpie's Miscellany
a black and white photo of a woman jumping in the air
Turn of the Century
a woman in a long dress is dancing
a woman in white shirt and shorts kicking up dirt with her legs on the ground
Ecstatic Dance
a black and white photo of a woman in a bathing suit with her arms outstretched
an old black and white photo of people playing bowling
Discovered! A Very High-Tech Way To Get Elderly People To Exercise
an old man is doing yoga on the floor
an old man is playing with his shoes on the sidewalk in front of some bushes