Moments of Joy

Life is about the little moments of joy - celebrate them!
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a wooden box filled with chocolates on top of a table next to a plant
The Max Chocolatier Event and Design Studio is the perfect location for corporate functions, from board meetings and presentations, right through to product launches and coaching seminars. Our excellently equipped space provides all of the necessary infrastructure and inspiration to nurture success.
Max Chocolatier | Wer ist Max?
«Max Chocolatier» is named after our personal superhero Max, proud chocolate aficionado and son of founder Patrik König.⁠ ⁠ 13 years ago a family dream came true and the chocolate boutique in Lucerne was opened on the 27th of September 2009. Since then, four chocolatiers have been creating wonderful chocolate delicacies that delight hearts. Learn more about our delightful journey by booking an bespoke event with us in the Design Studio. #maxchocolatier
a man in glasses holding up an image of disney princesses on the cover of his book
Our new boutique at Hertensteinstrasse 7 opens its doors on October 1st. Max has promised us that he will send Elsa to us until then... We are looking forward to opening our new home with you soon. #takingflight #opening #maxstory #familybusiness #hertensteinstrasse7 #newboutique
a woman standing next to a tree eating something
@maxchocolatier posted to Instagram: You're unique. Just like our handmade truffles!💚 #maxchocolate #unique #chocolatierslife #chocoholics #chocolateaddict #chocolatieaddicted #chocolateheaven #theartofchocolate #grandcruchocolate #handmadechocolate #handmade
two young boys playing in a blue tub with water running from the faucet
13 Faces That Will Instantly Put A Smile On Your Face
A little smile goes a long way!
two small children sitting on the ground eating something off of their hands and smiling at each other
Wishful Thinking
Wishful Thinking: Sabrina hoping that Faris will share his corn on the cob with her.
a woman sitting in front of a building with a clock on the wall behind her
handgemachte & natürliche Schokolade - Max Chocolatier
Enjoying a handmade & all natural Grand Cru chocolate truffle.
Laughter Smile Kids, Foto Kids, Foto Baby, Happy Boy, Smiles And Laughs
three children laughing together with the caption in spanish
The 5 Things We Must Never Forget to Do
Le Travail-Je pense que quand je suis plus agee, je veux aller a des autres pays d'esigner des enfants.
a woman wearing glasses and eating something with swans in the water behind her on a sunny day
handgemachte & natürliche Schokolade - Max Chocolatier
A bite of happiness.