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A selection of gift ideas for your loved ones.
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a dog bowl sitting on the ground next to a building
Even if we are not allowed to let our four-legged friends into the boutique for hygiene reasons, we want to make sure that they are well looked after at all times (and Lucy, our office dog, is happy to offer them of her treats) 🐶 #maxchocolatier #dogfriendly #chocolatelovers
the chocolates are wrapped in satin ribbons and placed on a wooden platter
"The art of giving lies in giving a person something they can't buy." #personalizedchocolate #chocolategifts #theartofgiving
We wish both teams of the European Women's Football Championship tonight the best of luck! #personalizedchocolate #handmade #europeanchampionship
We wish both teams of the European Women's Football Championship tonight the best of luck! #personalizedchocolate #handmade #europeanchampionship
some chocolate pieces are sitting on a table next to a musical instrument and piano keyboard
Chocolate Music Instruments
All of our senses have an impact on how we experience and consume most of all different products and services. For instance we have made a test with a group of costumers tasting chocolate products with noisy music playing and in comparison the same chocolate creations with softer jazz music. The result? Only with softer music people were able to concentrate on the different flavours they were experiencing. #swisschocolate #madeinswitzerland #naturalingredients #maxchocolatier
Max Chocolatier wishes all mothers and expecting mothers a happy Mothers Day! #maxchocolatier #joyofgiving #mothersday #lovetogive #lovelanguage
some chocolates are laying on a table with small pieces of paper next to them
Max Chocolatier | Shop
This Mother's Day, make time for making memories. #maxchocolatier
Mothers Day chocolate hearts
Three more days to fill your hands with hearts. #maxchocolatier #joyofgiving #mothersday #lovelanguage #lovetogive
two heart shaped chocolates in a bowl on a wooden table with leaves and petals
How to create and remember happy moments. Let's start with sharing a truffle. #maxchocolatier
Mothersday truffles
The joy of giving continues. Let us introduce small hearts filled by hand with heart. #maxchocolatier #joyofgiving #mothersday #lovelanguage
Max Chocolatier | Events
Right next to our boutique in Zurich at Schlüsselgasse 12 is the venerable St. Peter's Church. St. Peter is considered the keeper of the keys to heaven and hell, which is how Schlüsselgasse got its name. Our boutique manager Fabienne, however, guards the precious key to our very own heaven - chocolate heaven! See you soon in Züri #handmade #zurich #unique #yummy #delicious #natural #swisschocolate #maxchocolatier #cacao #familybusiness #swiss #swisschocolate #tasting
an open notebook, pen and sunglasses on a table next to some lavenders and other items
handgemachte & natürliche Schokolade - Max Chocolatier
MixMax assorted truffles and chocolate treats
a bottle of wine and some chocolates on a white table cloth next to a vase with flowers
handgemachte & natürliche Schokolade - Max Chocolatier
A selection of handmade chocolate treats from Switzerland
a loaf of bread sitting on top of a white plate next to a jar of jam
Handmade chocolate spreads made of Grand Cru chocolate.
chocolate pieces scattered around the inside of a box
Max Chocolatier | Shop
Luxury tasting box with different caramel and chocolate squares.
three ties laying next to each other on top of a pile of wood shaving
Max Chocolatier
A selection of handmade Grand Cru chocolate bars.