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the sun and stars are drawn in black ink on white paper, each with different shapes
a black and white photo of a clock with the sun going down on it's face
four different types of sun and stars on a white background, each with an individual's name
two hands holding each other with sunburst tattoos on their fingers and wristbands
a woman's arm with a gold bracelet and sunburst tattoo on it
tattoo idea
two women's heads with hair blowing in the wind, and one woman's head
a blue and white logo with an arrow on it's side, in the shape of two hearts
a drawing of a sun with rays coming out of the center and behind it, on a white background
a drawing of a crescent moon on a white background with red lines in the middle
the different types of plants are shown in black and white, each with long stems
a person's hand with a small tattoo on the wrist and an olive branch
a black and white drawing of a branch