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two pieces of fabric with different patterns and colors on them, one is red the other is green
suprlabs-suprlabs-ve-met338-1 - MaterialDistrict
suprlabs ++VE - MaterialDistrict
two pairs of black socks and one pair of white socks are laid out next to each other
suprlabs-suprlabs-ve-met337-7 - MaterialDistrict
suprlabs +VE - MaterialDistrict
four pieces of puzzle sitting next to each other
kawanami-ironworks-aluminium-wall-panels-met333-3 - MaterialDistrict
a black and white photo of a piece of paper on top of a table with holes in it
at-c-aluminium-foam-with-salt-met332-6 - MaterialDistrict
rado-kirov-the-mercury-effect-met331-18 Bank Account
rado-kirov-the-mercury-effect-met331-18 - MaterialDistrict
an orange plastic sheet is shown on a white background, with the top section partially open
hydro-extrusions-extruded-aluminium-panels-met330-8 - MaterialDistrict
two papers are laying next to each other on a table with black and white patterns
Chameleon collection - MaterialDistrict
The Chameleon Collection features eight metal skins that impart optical pearl textures and iridescent effects.
a person's arm wrapped in a mesh cloth
Knitted steel fabric - MaterialDistrict
This knitted steel fabric consists of 95% steel and 5% Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). The material can be thin, but is also very strong, and the fabric doesn't break or fall apart.
thomas-misse-oxydum-MET325-1 - MaterialDistrict
a close up of a black tie on a white background with no image to describe
All-round heating - MaterialDistrict
The thin, electrical all-round heating panel heating allows temperature control and heating of surfaces and spaces with healthy and invisible radiant heat. The 0.5 mm thin heating trails are equipped with a dimensionally stable fabric surface and are powered with safe low voltage (24 V). This technique and low structural height allows the use in floors, walls, and ceilings. The heating can even be applied in wet areas.
The weaves and mesh types manufactured by Haver & Boecker for architectural applications in a wide range of mesh patterns. Architecture, Flat Wire, Stainless Steel Mesh, Steel Mesh, Light Reflection, Light Effect, Mesh, Range, Pattern
Architectural mesh - MaterialDistrict
The weaves and mesh types manufactured by Haver & Boecker for architectural applications in a wide range of mesh patterns.
a hand holding up a piece of silver glitter on top of a white surface,
Metal foam - MaterialDistrict
Metal foam provides excellent mechanical and thermal properties, and is lightweight. Made of aluminium, the panels have various application possibilities.
a close up of a metal object with water droplets on it's glass surface
Pure metal tiles - MaterialDistrict
The Pure collection consists of tiles made from various types of metal, made in authentic sand mould and are finished by hand.
close up view of wooden flooring with dots on the wood grains and edges
Metallic wood - MaterialDistrict
the side of a white and gray carpet with lines on it, as if in an abstract manner
Acoustic metal - MaterialDistrict
These thin porous sound absorbing sheets are made of pure sintered aluminium. Washable, water- and chlorineproof, fireproof, and recyclable. It can easily be shaped and is convenient for both indoor and outdoor applications, in swimming pools and on noise barriers. It is mounted without joints resulting in a continuous, optically closed ceiling.