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an indoor swimming pool with lounge chairs and artwork on the wall
an indoor swimming pool with white chairs and black lines on the wall, along with large windows
the interior of an office building with black and white decor
two white lounge chairs sitting next to each other in front of a painting on the wall
a potted plant sitting on top of a black and white table
four wooden bookshelves lined up on the floor
a boat is being built and ready to be finished
the inside of a building that is being constructed with plywood and other items in it
an assembly line in a factory with workers working on the machines and making wooden planks
a close up of a piece of wood on a table being constructed with tape and plywood
a room filled with lots of wooden furniture and woodworking tools on the floor next to each other
three wooden benches sitting in an unfinished room
08 Sandals, Park Slide