Custom cakes created by me. © Mary Das, Cake Thérapie
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a tiger cake with sunglasses and the word noah on it
a star wars baby yoda toy sitting on top of a black object with white dots
a cake decorated with a green dinosaur on top of a table
Dino Cake
decorated halloween cookies arranged on a table
Halloween sugar cookies
some yellow tulips are painted on black tiles
Tulip collage sugar cookie
many decorated cookies are arranged on a white surface with autumn leaves and acorns
Autumn cookies
there is a cake with flowers painted on it
Buttercream palette knife painting
a cake decorated with yellow flowers and green leaves
Buttercream palette knife painting
a blue cake decorated with rabbits and balloons
Birthday cake
a blue cake with white frosting and decorations
Drip cake
there is a cake decorated with flowers on the top and bottom layer, as well as chocolate frosting
Buttercream palette knife painting
a chocolate cake with berries and branches on a wooden board next to it is the words cake therapy written in white lettering
Buttercream carving
a pink frosted cake with a snowman on top
a cake decorated with cartoon characters and sprinkles