Wunderschöne Thunersee-Region!

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the mountains are in the distance from the water
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Beautiful evening boat cruise on Lake Thun.
a large boat floating on top of a lake next to a tall castle like building
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By the way: #boat cruises are also nice in wintertime. #LakeThun http://bls.ch/e/schifffahrt
a couple of ducks floating on top of a body of water under a sun set
Neuhaus at Lake Thun, one of our favourite spots to watch the sunset. Where's your favourite place?
a waterfall running down the side of a cliff next to a building with windows on it
Spring Specials on Lake Thun - Lake Thun - Interlaken Holiday Region
Choose three out of five #excursions around #LakeThun for the special price of CHF 45.00!
a lake with snow covered buildings and mountains in the background
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This week's #winter-warmth tip is the #Spiez round trail. Away from the noisy roads, Spiez shows its most beautiful side with views of the Bernese Alps and #LakeThun.
a grassy field with mountains in the background
the water is calm and blue with some clouds in the sky
Lake of Thun
a clock on the side of a building with a steeple and sky in the background
Gipfeltreffen. Kirche Spiez und Niesen
the mountain is covered in thick clouds as it sits on a clear blue sky day
Stimmungsvoller Niesen
a scenic view of a town surrounded by mountains and trees with the ocean in the distance
Blick von der Burgfluh über Wimmis, Thunersee und Sigriswilergrad
the mountains are covered in snow on top of the water and blue skies above them
Niederhorn und Justistal
several boats floating on the water near some hills
boats are docked in the water next to some houses and mountains on a sunny day
Bucht Spiez
a palm tree in the foreground with boats on the water and mountains in the background