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a piece of paper that has been written on it with the words, add 1 / 2 teaspoon of cornstarch to the flour when making a pie crust
two pictures showing how to make pie crusts with pastry cutters and baking utensils
25+ Decorative Pie Crust Ideas
an image of deviled eggs with different types of toppings on them and the words deviled eggs
Deviled Eggs
11 Best Deviled Eggs Recipes (EASY + Delicious!) - Little Pine Kitchen
three champagne flutes with raspberries in them on a silver tray and red ribbon
Raspberry Cream Mimosas — Jonathan Stiers
the ingredients for this super easy bruscheta salad are shown
Easy Bruschetta Recipe
Christmas Mimosa in a champagne flute with a sugar rimmed glass and sprig of rosemary on top.
Christmas Mimosa Recipe
there is a plate of cheesecake balls on the table
Baileys Cheesecake Balls
Holiday Dessert Ideas | Christmas Ornament Oreos
a platter filled with different types of food
Charcuterie Wreath
Making a Christmas Charcuterie Wreath is an easy and fun holiday appetizer idea. A show stopping dish for all of your parties and feasts.