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an image of colorful flowers and plants on white paper
Papercut artist and illustrator Petra Börner is inspired by flora and fauna
Petra Börner
an image of a cat that is holding something in it's paws and looking up at the sky
two birds perched on branches with green leaves hanging from it's sides and one bird sitting on top of the branch
Beauty of birds I
an orange and blue bird flying with its wings spread out to the side, on a white background
drawings by charlotte dumortier (mostly): Photo
two greeting cards, one with a pink and blue whale on the front each card has a message that says snap to it
Snap To It!
Risoprint Risograph Texture Creator Studio, Overlay, Templates, Cutout, Digital
Risoprint Risograph Texture Creator
Risoprint Risograph Texture Creator, #Creator, #Texture, #Risograph, #Risoprint, #ad
a woman with purple butterfly wings on her back and arms in the shape of a heart