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the words are written in white ink on a black background, and there is no image to describe
green leaves with the words peros - tot des la nature et tuy trouvres
a poem written in french on white paper with the words paris, nos vies
Optimism, Bonheur, Buongiorno
blog de MarieSarah 3colombes.canalblog
an image of a flower pot with the quote quand une fleur me feut pass, on george tennier
a cartoon character holding a heart balloon with the caption'nous personas beaucoup tripe et l'ri
a quote written in french on a white hexagonal frame with blue leaves around it
a blue watercolor painting with the words,'les besod de chercher la
a quote written in french with flowers around it
a watercolor painting with flowers on the bottom and words above it that says,
Entendre ne veut pas dire écouter - Inspirations pour réussir sa vie
Accord, Some Words, Make Your