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a small bag next to a card with the word god written on it and scattered coins
Wichtel Streiche Teil 1 - Wichtel Momente
a doll house with christmas trees and decorations
DIYnachten, Türchen 6, eine neue Tür für den Weihnachtswichtel
a christmas scene with a wooden sleigh and trees
Streiche und Ideen für die Nissedor
a wooden chair with a sign attached to it's back and the words written in german
Unser Wichteltür-Adventskalender 2020 -
the interior of a house decorated for christmas with red and white decorations on the floor
Unser Weihnachtswichtel Nisse zieht (wieder) ein -
several jars with candy and candies sitting on a table next to some salt shakers
15 Streiche und Ideen für die Wichteltür und den Weihnachtswichtel
two toothbrushes are sitting in a plastic cup next to a ladder on the floor
a bathroom sink with toothbrushes and soap in it
Tomte geht schwimmen
a wooden sleigh on top of a white table covered in snow next to small trees
the words wichtell momente written in green ink on a white background
Die schönsten Wichtel Namen - Wichtel Momente
an advertisement for a candle that is on display
DIY Anleitung Feuertonne für den Wichtel
DIY Anleitung Feuertonne für den Wichtel - Basteln & Dekorieren Bastelmaterial, Miniaturen und Klötzchen
a doll house made out of wood and fake trees
a bench made out of popsicle sticks with trees in the back and snow on the ground
Wichteltür - DIY Rentierstall -
christmas decorations with candles and pine cones