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a jar of walnut jam on a black background
Packaging Design for Honey Qualität Created by Dmentes Estudio Creativo - World Brand Design Society
Dmentes Estudio Creativo - Honey Qualität - World Brand Design Society / Qualität is a brand that belongs to the Dots and Drops group, based in Al Jubail (Saudi Arabia). This brand offers a careful selection of the best organic honeys from different German beekeepers, which are packaged and marketed under the Qüalitat brand in different cities in Saudi Arabia.
a bottle of moko rum sitting on top of a wooden table next to flowers
Moko Rum
Moko Rum
a bottle and glass sitting next to each other
Right Gin
right gin
a bottle of absinthe on a white background with the caption above it
Nätet är fullt med läcker Absint och absint tillbehör. Men jag blandar min personliga absinth med tujon - sådan absint är närmast omöjlig att hitta.
a bottle of absinte on a black background
Stranger & Stranger Christmas Absinthe
gorgeous and delicious. I love absinth. "Die grüne Fee"