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Fitness humour
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a tree that has been wrapped in plastic and is standing next to a pole with the words, whoever said nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible
van parked in front of a building with the words van gogh on it
Van Go
a black and white photo with the words i finally got 8 hours of sleep took me four days but whatever
Ha Ha — Katie the Creative Lady | Create, Capture, Celebrate
i'm giving up drinking until christmas sorry, bad punctation
a door with the words i don't have an adent calendar so i'm just opening cupboard doors and eating whatever's in there
33 Funny Memes & Pics to Humorize Your Boring Day | Team Jimmy Joe
33 Funny Memes & Pics to Humorize Your Boring Day 12
the text is written in black on a light blue background, with an image of brain cells
55 Years Later, Man Who Escaped Alcatraz Sends This Note
a quote that says,'my going out clothes have missed me so much i put them on and they hugged me so tightly
the words fit ish are written in black on a white background with an image of a
#fitish #purpleclover
a quote that says whatever the opposite of a hungry strike is, i'm on that
Quick & Easy Cheesy Appetizer for Thanksgiving & Holidays - Hello Lovely
Laughter is such good medicine - humor and funny quote on Hello Lovely Studio. #quotes #humor #funnyquote #laughter
a black and white photo with the words i see people my age out there climbing mountains and zip lining and here i am feeling
I see people my age.....
the words muffins for people who don't have the guts to order cake for breakfast
a black and white photo with the words getting older is just one body part after another saying ha, you think that's bad watch this
Senior Citizen stories, Senior jokes and cartoons.
there are many satellite dishes in the field with captioning above it that says, are pointed away from earth?
32 People That Are Way Too Deep To Be Taken Seriously