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a small doll is wearing a dress with pink roses on it's skirt and hair
two little dolls are sitting on the palm
there are many different colored teddy bears on the table
hand holding three small flower brooches in it's palm, one with two faces
two figurines are sitting in an inflatable pool filled with candy balls
two little red haired dolls are sitting on someone's hand
a figurine of a man in uniform on a green base
Fazendo uma bermuda de um jeito fácil, rápido e prático
a hand holding a small toy in front of other toys
Meu Malvado Favorito Agnes Biscuit
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a hand holding a keychain with the letter b on it and a tassel
a hand holding a pink and purple necklace with the word love spelled out on it
Lembrancinhas Dia das Mães | CUSTOMIZANDO.NET - Blog de customização de roupas, moda, decoração e artesanato por Mariely Del Rey
Ideias e dicas de lembrancinhas para o Dia das Mães #artesanato #lembrancinhas #diadasmaes #lembrancinhadiadasmaes #diadasmães #mãe #diy
three little dolls sitting next to each other on top of a white surface with pink, blue and yellow hair
a bunch of little doll clips sitting on top of a table
three toy animals with different colored ears and eyes on a white surface, one is wearing a hat
Apliques para Laços Bolofofos em Biscuit C/5 | Elo7
Aplique Bolofofos de biscuit no Elo7 | cantinho da flavia (15F467F)
there are many different toy animals on the table with each one's own face
Bolofofo biscuit
someone is holding up their tiny bear figurines
three cupcakes on wooden sticks with candy candies in the middle and other decorations around them
🧚Cíntia Felix🧚 on Instagram: "Lindos prendedores de embalagens para decorar sua casa 🥰🥰 @dany_adesivos_e_carimbos #cindybiscuit #decoresuacasa #casafofa #amorosa #biscuit #polymerclay #porcelanafria #coldporcelain #artesanato #casarosa #dany_adesivos_e_carimbos #guarantadonorte"
three small boxes with pink and green designs on them, one has a butterfly in it
there are some little unicorn figurines on the table
Porta Doces Display e Nome Personalizado Chifre de Unicórnio
there are many cupcakes with animals on them in the shape of trees and balls
Lembrancinha Bosque biscuit | Elo7 Produtos Especiais
a hand holding a yellow and black pin with sunglasses on it's head,
a small dog figurine sitting in a coffee cup on a floral tablecloth
a figurine of a man giving a speech
Profissoes Pastor Topo de Bolo de Biscuit
a hand holding a small doll with a toothpick in it's mouth
menino biscuit