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a circle made out of rocks in the ground
Pin by Anikó óvó néni on Óvodaudvari ötletek - nursery schoolyard ideas | Rock garden design, Lawn and garden, Garden design
a circle made out of branches in the middle of a forest with trees around it
The Green Fairy
The Green Fairy
a little boy sitting at a table writing on a piece of paper next to a bowl and spoon
Sonnenblumenkerne mit einer Pinzette abziehen: Tolle Feinmotorik-Übung im Spätsommer
an image of a river in the woods with rocks and stones on it's side
Steinfigur im Wald
a heart made out of rocks with the words spatilal awareness nature puzzle
Work on Spatial Awareness With This Simple Nature Shape Puzzle
a circle made out of rocks and leaves on the ground with grass in the middle
oooooooh mit farn irgendwas für den kreis machen.... all children should grow up making danmalas.....Danmala by LukeDHarrison, via Flickr