fiocco nascita

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a white and blue card with an animal on it
a stuffed animal sitting on top of a blue blanket next to scissors and paintbrushes
Re leone baby
Tenero Simba in pannolenci 💕
there is a teddy bear hanging on the wall
Fiocchi nascita Simba re leone
a teddy bear sitting on top of a moon with the word hello written below it
Fiocco nascita bimbo Marco simba
a baby's name hanging on the side of a wall with stars and a teddy bear
Fiocco nascita Simba re leone in pannolenci imbottito.
there is a teddy bear sitting on the moon
the lion family is sitting in a boat with name plaque on it's side
the lion cub is sitting on a tree branch with a rainbow in the sky behind it
Fiocco nascita Simba
a teddy bear is sitting on the moon with stars and crescent shaped letters below it
Fiocco nascita Simba