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two wire birds sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall mounted clock
La Factoría Shop
Ana Moraes es una artista brasileña, de Sao Paolo, que utiliza básicamente material de desecho para crear sus originales piezas
five small birds sitting on top of rocks in a line next to a tree branch
misschien voor een schilderij buiten Door mew
DIY rock bird canvas - use real twigs and pebbles to make a unique piece of art #craft #diy
a metal cat sculpture sitting on top of a white table next to a black wire
vintage wire cat envelop holder
vintage wire cat envelop holder
a wire sculpture of a cat with spikes on it's back legs and tail
Halloween Black Cat Wire Sculpture - Etsy
Halloween Black Cat - Wire Sculpture.
an art piece hanging from the ceiling with multiple colors and shapes on it's sides
Very Miro - Kandinsky - Calderish ! ... LOVELY.
an old driftwood branch with clothes hanging on it and some paper tags attached to it
Jour de lessive
a tin can with stars on it sitting next to a light fixture that is turned on
Dosenlaternen – Sternenleuchten
Tolle Idee - Dosen hab ich genug ... :) (pic: Sandra Behrens)
several hanging lanterns with lit candles in them
DIY Wohnideen, die Ihre Kreativität fördern – Basteln mit Spaß
diy wohnideen konservendosen teelichter wandbeleuchtung
a sculpture made out of wood and wire with people climbing up the tree stumps
three metal birds with different designs on them, hanging from wires in front of a white wall
Wire Wall Art, Four Wire Birds Mobile Sculpture, Gift for Her - Etsy
Wire birds by MyWireArt via etsy... // I could make one with elephants and giraffes for the middle room!!
a green plastic insect with its arms and legs extended
Opa! objetos de papel maché y cartapesta
Opa! objetos de papel maché y cartapesta Working with paper - lots of good paper mache examples
a metal cut out of a cat sitting on top of a white sheet with swirls
I want to say this is made out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls and some black paint!
three metal sculptures are standing next to each other on a piece of driftwood,
fil de fer