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a book cover with the words logophile in black and white letters on it
LOVE IS…Word of the Day
an old typewriter with the words epelotary on it
the words gumussservi are written in white on a dark background with water
Word Nerd: Gumusservi
a piece of paper with the words fictophilia on it and an image of
14 Reasons That Men in Books Are Better
the words are written in black and white
Unus Annus Unus Annus Unus Annus
the words brumous are written in white on a black background with trees and fog
Devon Strang
My favorite days...
a black and white photo with the words boketto written in japanese on it
a city at night with the caption misanthrope in a person who dislikes human and avoids human society
1,571 Likes, 53 Comments - Uncommon Words & Definitions (Gretchen Burke.lightz) ... Check mor...
Quotes, Unique Words Definitions, Quotes Deep
the words noctiphany are in front of a dark background with lightning
a forest filled with lots of trees and text that reads, dern adjective meaning
a field with the words, myctophilia in white letters on it
someone holding their hands up with the words melomaniac in front of them
Image about love in Music by Overthinking• on We Heart It