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a black quilt with multicolored squares and circles in the center, on top of a wooden table
AMH quilt top complete! =) | There's Good Folks in there, as…
a patchwork quilt hanging on the wall with a barn in the distance and blue sky above
Something Sweet Quilt
an abstract painting with colorful leaves and beads
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
Michelle Mischulig More
four colorful leaves are shown on the cover of this quilt pattern, which has been made with
About Fons & Porter, a Division of The Quilting Company
Free quilt pattern from Fons and Porter website. Modern leaves! PDF format. ~Kelly
a small statue sitting on top of a patchwork quilt
Kaffe Fassett
an abstract painting with circles and lines
Brazil 2013 Shows, Artist Marylee Drake
"Spinning Out of Control".
a blue bed with an orange pillow and some space themed pillows on it, along with other items
brown paper packages tied up with string
Solar system quilt
a decorative pillow with colorful flowers and birds on the front is made out of quilted fabric
front of pillow....... adorable!
a quilted wall hanging with colorful flowers and birds on it's back side
Round the Garden with Wendy Williams
close up, Round the Garden quilt workshop with Wendy Williams as seen at KimzSewing. Wool applique.
a cat sitting on top of a bed under a quilt
Endless Summer Quilt
Now this says Cat's Meow!! We've used some of these patterns on our Quilt Blocks Collection shelf sitters.
a close up of a piece of cloth with birds on it and flowers in the middle
3. Canaries
Canaries...This is such a pretty pattern!
a quilted wall hanging with scissors and holly leaves on it's side, surrounded by red berries
January Applique Block - Seasonal Silhouette
a quilted wall hanging on the side of a building with a clock tower in the background
Blog – Joanie Zeier Poole
Fais de beau reves! or Sweet Dreams by Joanie Zeier Poole 2005