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Manualidad con rollos de papel higiénico | Carpa Koi
someone is holding up a cross - stitch card with a painting of a church in the background
Bored Panda
a person holding up a photo of a beach with people on the sand and in the water
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a map with red and blue lines on it that shows the location of several different roads
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a close up of a cross stitch pattern on a piece of cloth with green and red thread
artist interview - TextileArtist.org
an old photo with some spools of thread next to it on a table
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a hand holding up an old postcard with colored blocks on the building's side
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a piece of art that is made out of sticks and wood with strings attached to it
Precise Angular Stitches Encase Found Twigs in Natalie Ciccoricco's New Embroideries — Colossal