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two pictures with different designs on them, one is red and the other is white
instructions for how to fold fabric around zippers
Sewing Tip: No More Scratchy Zipper Ends - Threads
a square quilt with red squares in the center and grey squares on each side,
Skill Builder Series: Part 13 – Log Cabin
an image of a square quilt with red and gray squares on the center, as well as two smaller squares in the middle
someone is standing next to a quilt on the floor
one colour family
the quilt is being displayed on the app store's phone screen, and it appears to be made from fabric
Frische Farben
a piece of fabric is hanging on the wall next to a red ribbon and scissors
green chandelier blocks
three different types of rectangles are shown in pink and white, with the letters b
Learn how to make Chandelier Quilt With Chain
a colorful quilt on the floor next to a potted plant
a drawing of a tree with houses on it