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an open notebook with instructions on how to use the bulk transport system and a pen
Instagram Post by 👩🏼‍⚕️tee • she/her • infj • 🇳🇴 (@studytee) | WEBSTA - Instagram Analytics
WEBSTA @studytee Finally home again ☺️ I can’t wait to show you both a travel diary and a stationery haul! Sweden was amazing, but I’m glad to be home. Here are some old notes, I’ll try to take new pictures tomorrow! ❤️
an open book with writing on it and sprinkles in the bottom corner
a notepad, pen and glasses on top of a sheet of paper
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the contents of a notepad and pen on a white surface with writing paper next to it
Q: do you like mildliners? A: I love them and they last forever! I’ve had mine for 2 years now - - - #studygram #student #studyblr #studying #studyblogger #pens #stationary #papermate #statigram #revision #stabilo #stabilopens #muji #mujipens #mujiglobal #bando #chemistry #chemistryalevel #bandoplanner #biology #alevel #biologyalevel #zebrapens #lihitlab
an open notebook sitting on top of a desk next to a laptop computer and pens
"Mi piace": 15.2 mila, commenti: 85 - emma studies (@emmastudiess) su Instagram: "what is your new years resolution!? (and how are they going so far!) i'm hoping to stop biting my…"
a close up of writing on top of a piece of paper with cursive writing
the contents of a book, pens and notebooks are laid out on a table
pin | bellaxlovee ✧☾
several pens are lined up next to each other on top of a sheet of paper
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