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a yellow and black object with a red button on it's side, in front of a white background
Nothing Ear (a)
a purple background with an image of a triangle and the word's symbol in white
an image of a cell phone case with two eyes
Nothing Phone 2a
a white background with the words gemini supercharge your creativity and productivity
Google AI
an orange and black electronic device with a rabbit sticker on it
rabbit r1
the back side of a black speaker on a gray background with an arrow symbol in the center
Artellia MagSafe Powerbank
the back side of an apple airpods with a yellow button on it's left side
Humane Ai Pin
Artificial intelligence supported wearable device.
an image of two earbuds that are connected to each other on a white background
HUAWEI Headphones - HUAWEI Ireland
an image of a robot dog with the words cyberdog on it's back
Xiaomi - CyberDog
an orange speaker sitting on top of a wooden table
Rone mini Heater
a woman with curly hair wearing a purple leather jacket and holding up a virtual device to her face
Oculus VR Headset
an amazon prime delivery truck parked in front of a house
Amazon’s delivery robot