Filmes da Minha vida 6: Série Sexta-Feira 13 (Friday the 13th)

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a hockey mask with the words crystal lake on it
The Better Way To Dress
Crystal Lake T-Shirt - - Designed by…
a black and white drawing of a man sitting on top of a pile of skulls
two different views of a knife on display
Jason Voorhees, friday the 13th themed machete with display stand.
a drawing of a person wearing a mask with blood on it's face and one eye open
JV Art Print by Doktorsour
Jason Voorhees - Friday the 13th - Doktorsour
two people riding bikes down a dirt road next to trees and bushes on both sides
Friday the 13th - Part IV
a woman standing in a living room with an old tv hanging from the ceiling and her mouth wide open
Friday the 13th - Part VII
a woman in an orange top sitting next to other people and looking at the camera
Friday the 13th - Part II
Friday the 13th - Part II Slasher Summer, Lake, Google Search, Quick Saves
Friday the 13th - Part II