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an emblem on the side of a building that reads sun frieden and has a bird painted on it
Tribschen LU
Tribschen LU
there are two boats docked at the dock on the water's edge, and one is empty
Niedrigwasser Rhein SH
an old globe sits on display in front of a storefront with the name patterie west - en - glass
Papeterie-Aus SH
Türgriff Münster SH Accessories, Münster
Türgriff Münster SH
a stack of pizza boxes sitting on top of a metal stand
an old wheel in the middle of a grassy field
an art piece is displayed in front of a building
Optikerfenster SH
a white chicken in a cage on top of a door
a paper cut out of a woman holding a red purse with another drawing on it
SitzbankSH 2016
Sommer 2016 Novelty
Sommer 2016
a wooden bench with magazines on it next to a green bottle and cup sitting on top of it
an old brick building with many windows next to a fence and trees in front of it
an old brick building with vines growing on the balcony and balconies above it
a couple of buildings that are next to each other with christmas lights on the windows
Advent in Schaffhausen