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a plate with a leaf on it sitting on a table
an orange sculpture sitting on top of a metal box
a person kneeling down on the side of a road with their head in his hands
an aerial view of a city with lots of tanks and buildings in the foreground
a large pumpkin sitting on the ground in front of a building
a painting of a woman surrounded by colorful butterflies on a gray wall with white writing
Wandmalerei Konstanz
two statues of men sitting on top of a window sill next to each other
Horn. Hörihalbinsel
a wooden carving of a man's head in front of bushes
Horn. Hörihalbinsel
the logo or sign for an antelope hotel is shown in front of a building
Horn. Hörihalbinsel
there are many birds sitting on the roof of this house
Affenberg Salem
a stork nest on top of a pole with two baby birds in it
Affenbeeg Salem
the sun shines on the water as it reflects in the blue sky and clouds
Bodenseefähre Konstanz-Meersburg
a large white boat with a red and white flag on it's side next to the water
Raddampfer LU
a ferris wheel is reflected in the water
Mäss LU
the ferris wheel is very tall and has people on it in mid air above trees
Mäss LU
a balcony with a view of the countryside and mountains
Cherzestübli ob Thayngen
a large pile of rocks sitting on top of a stone wall next to a forest
Ziegelei Lohn
there is a boat in the water with flowers hanging from it's balcony window
Absenkung des Oberdecks bei Diessenhofen
two people in a small boat on the water near some trees and houses with red roofs
a view from the top of a mountain looking down on a lake and mountains in the distance
a paraglider is flying over the mountains on a sunny day
Pilatus Kulm
a large white boat floating on top of a lake next to snow covered mountains in the distance
the interior of an old church with stained glass windows and statues on the wall,
Münster Radolfzell
an orange buoy floating on top of a body of water
Radolfzeller Hochwasser 2016
hay bales sitting in the middle of a field
Stetten SH
an old building with a clock on the front
a scenic view of the mountains and water from a balcony in an alpine resort, surrounded by pine trees
a person is flying a kite in the air on a hill near a house and trees
a winding road on the side of a grassy hill with mountains in the back ground
Rodelbahn Fräkmüntegg
two sheep grazing in a field with houses in the background and foggy sky above
Rhein bei Büsingen
a large field with trees in the background
a white church on top of a hill under a blue sky with wispy clouds
St. Michael Büsingen
an old building with many windows on the top and bottom floors, against a blue sky
Konstanzer Altstadt
a clock tower sitting on top of a pier next to the ocean in front of a cloudy blue sky
Konstanzer Hafen
Memories Konstanz Dior, Memories, Bags, Fashion, Lady, Dior Bag
Memories Konstanz
an open field with trees and mountains in the background
Sicht vom Roderichstein nach St. Michaelskirche SH
an old map shows the location of roads in germany
Lage des Roderichsteins SH
moss covered rocks and leaves on the ground in a park area with trees behind them
Roderichstein SH
the sky is filled with clouds and trees
Himmels-Gwölb SN
a large rock with writing on it and stars written in the sand next to trees
Gwölb SH
the sky is very cloudy and there are mountains in the distance
Alpensicht Lohn
the sky is very cloudy and there are mountains in the distance
Alpensicht Lohn
a farm field with fog in the distance
Advent im Reiat Plants, Flowers, Advent, Garden, Dandelion
Advent im Reiat
an ornate silver frame sitting on top of a table next to gold pillows and other decorative items
Trouvaille Weihnachtsmarkt Konstanz
an old building is lit up at night with string lights on the front and side
Konstanzer Weihnacht
there is a tree that has been decorated with lights
Konstanzer Weihnachtsmarkt
an old building is lit up at night with lights on the side and trees in front
Konstanzer Weihnachtsmarkt
people are sitting at the edge of a lake in front of a christmas tree with lights on it
Weihnachtsmarkt Konstanz
a woman sitting at a table in front of a brick wall with candles on it
Beim Konstanzer Italiener
an arched doorway decorated with christmas wreaths and lights
Konstanzer Weihnacht
an old building is lit up at night with string lights on the front and side
Konstanzer Weihnacht
there is a large rock with a hole in it and a sign on the ground
a statue of a man standing in front of some ivy covered walls and bushes behind him
people walking down a snowy street at night
Adventszauber in der Schaffhauser Altstadt
a tall brick chimney with a clock on it's side in front of a cloudy blue sky
Lohn SH
a green field with trees in the distance and blue skies above it, on a sunny day
Bietingen BRD
a large field that has some plants in it
Lohn SH
the sun shines brightly over a field with trees in the distance on a clear day
Lohn SH
a field full of yellow flowers and houses in the distance with mountains in the background
Lohn SH