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rain drops on the surface of a body of water Design, Texture, Rain, Metal, Water, Inspiration, Water Aesthetic, Fluid, Water Art
Wasser auf Blech
a painting of a butterfly on a pink and green background Graphics, Insects, Konstanz, Animals, Spring, Graphic, Moth
Spring. Lago, Konstanz
a black and white striped background with a glass bottle in the center, on top of it Resim, Sanat, Kunst, Fotografie, Grafik, Blanco Y Negro, Zebra, Abstract
Photography image inspiration on Designspiration
Coca-Cola Bottle
a peace sign painted on the side of a black wall with white writing in it Logos, Art, ? Logo, Lululemon Logo, Lululemon
a sign that is in front of some grass and bushes with a map on it Planer, Map
a man holding a tennis racquet while standing on top of a tennis court Tech Company Logos, Company Logo, Vimeo Logo, Logo, Schaffhausen
Logo Museumsverein Schaffhausen
a black and white photo of a woman's body with lines drawn on it
graffiti on the side of a yellow wall that says kkjg with black writing Letters, Night, Calligraphy, Arabic Calligraphy, Tags
a black and white photo with the words stain an rheinn written on it Film Posters, Stein, Poster, Movie Posters
a red and white sign with a clock tower on it's side hanging from the ceiling Symbols, Lettering
Kirchgemeinde Herblingen
a black and white image of a cow's head with the word salzburger on it Cool Logo
Good Logo
a newspaper article with an image of a man holding a twitter bird above his head
a blue sign with the word morrin on it Payoff, Tech Companies, Amazon Logo
Payoff Reiseagentur Pomorin, Jestetten
a woman holding a bass in her right hand and an abstract painting on the wall behind her
the word zurch 2014 written in blue on a white background with an image of a speedometer Fit, Garden Tools
Logo Leichtathletik-EM
a sign on the side of a road that says die bank copp ist transport Bank
Transparenz innovativ umgesetzt.
a book with an image of a jellyfish on it's cover and the words startrampe written in orange Ferris Wheel, Fair Grounds
Grooviges Logo
a book cover for conflict and creativity control of the mind, part 2 Cover Design, Classic Books, Conflicted, Nonsense, Lecture, Rudolph, Type, Libros
Conflict and Creativity: Control of the Mind, Part 2
Book cover design by Rudolph de Harak.
a yellow sign with a black shark on it next to water and buildings in the background
Hai-Kampagne URh
an image of two people jumping in the air with words above them that read any where i'm out Magazine Design, Libri, Identity, Design Graphique, Typografie Design
Les produits de l'épicerie - typo/graphic posters
an image of a woman dancing in front of a crowd with her arms up to the sky
Night Club
the official logo for the 2014 world cup American Football, Liverpool, World Cup 2014, Fifa, Fifa World Cup, Fifa 2014 World Cup, Soccer World, Brazil World Cup, Neymar
Hände am Fussball? Rote Karte für den Designer!
a white sticker on the side of a black wall depicting a man holding a baseball bat Okay Gesture
Logo Pfahlbaudorf Unteruhldingen
a poster for the 25th schaffhausen jazz festival Credit Suisse, Suisse
a black and white poster with the words byredo parfums'm / mink Editorial, Paris, Branding Design, Eau De Parfum, Inspire, Inspo, Visual Design, Branding
NameBright - Coming Soon
M/Mink Eau de Parfum by M/M Paris
the poster for melbourne food and wine festival, featuring three bottles in silhouette against a black background Poster Graphic Design, Plakat Design Inspiration, Desain Merek, Illustration Design Graphique, Posters Conception Graphique, Visuell Identitet, Figure-ground, Melbourne Food, Festival Poster
Food & Wine Festival
Poster for the wine and food fair in Melbourne. I think the use of negative space to link the two components of the event is very clever and elegant. The contrast of the black and white creates a bold poster that grabs the viewer's attention, it is nicely balanced with the text.