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the scissors are next to an object that is made out of wire and beads on a white table
Blumenstecker aus Draht und Perlen selber machen - DIY BLog - Smillas Wohngefühl
Oster Deko aus Draht basteln
Material: • 30 cm Aluminiumdraht für das Ei • 1 bis 2 m Basteldraht mit 0,5 mm • Rocailles Perlen Eie komplett Anleitung dazu findet ihr auf meinem YouTube Kanal: Draht Elfe
a blue and white beaded glass eyeball ornament hanging on a wall
a collection of keychains and charms on a table with a wooden floor in the background
six different colored glass bead charms on a white surface with black, red, orange and blue beads
four cards with different colored flowers on them
a tin can filled with lots of colorful beaded flowers on top of a wooden table
DIY Cache Pot en Perles Hamas
a metal butterfly with multicolored beads hanging from it's back end on a white wall
100+ κατασκευές απο μεταλλικά καπάκια αναψυκτικών -
a keychain with beads and charms attached to it on a black table top
Soda tab person