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a watermelon sculpture of a lion's head is held in front of flowers
Lion 🦁
cranberry sauce in a mason jar with spoons on the table next to it
Cabernet Cranberry and Blueberry Sauce
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15 Foods That Cleanse The Liver #tipit
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Whiskey Peach Sauce
the best fruit dip 3 ingredients to make it taste like an ice cream or yogurt
The Best Fruit Dip Ever (3 Ingredients!) | Iowa Girl Eats
peach crisp baked oatmeal in a white dish with a spoon and sliced peaches
Peach Crisp
a cheesecake topped with sliced strawberries on a white plate
20 Vintage Strawberry Desserts Inspired by Grandma's Kitchen
the fruit is being sliced into small pieces and placed in a metal bowl with a lid
If you have fruit in your house make this dessert in minutes! | If you have fruit in your house make this dessert in minutes! | By Recipes Learn | If you have fruit in your house, make this one minute dessert. For this recipe, let's start by cutting two kiwis. One apple, six strawberries, and one banana then put aside. If you want, you can swap these fruits for what you have back home or that you like the most. Then in a cake pan or pan, add oil and spread well. The oil will help to remove our dessert more easily. Now put the fruits aside. Make this fruit recipe at home and then come back to tell me what you think. I'm sure you'll like it. And tell me which dessert recipe you like to make the most. I'd love to know. Set the pan aside for the second part of the recipe. Then in a pan with the heat off, add 700 milliliters of orange juice, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 50 grams of cornstarch and stir. Tell me where you're watching us from so that I can send you a special hug. Today's hug is for Simone Sewers from Zara Kassoon from Guyana. I would like to thank you all for following our videos. I'm happy to hear you're loving our recipes. As soon as the cornstarch dissolves, turn on the heat and stir until it thickens. Finally, add one tablespoon of butter and mix it well. And now it's ready. Pour this mixture over the fruits and mix it well with the spatula. Put it to the fridge for three hours or until it's completely cool. And our recipe is ready. Look how delicious it is. I hope you liked it. Thank you for watching this video. See you in the next one. Bye bye.
brown sugar grilled peaches with whipped cream on top
Brown Sugar Grilled Peaches
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Peach Crescent Dumplings
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