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Wohnzimmer: Farbe finden (grau), evt. Teppich neu, Hocker mit Stauraum, Licht Schlafzimmer: SPA-Feeling, neues Kopfteil, Licht (grün-blau) Küche: Kücheninsel…
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- Living Room: blue/green wall, Blue velvet Sofa

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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Contemporary minimalist black kitchen design with subtle herringbone backsplash detail | #kitchen #backsplash #home #decor #design #ideas #kitchenbacksplash
I can’t believe we are celebrating Easter weekend already! We are dedicating this post to living life to the fullest. This year so far  @redesignhomellc experienced so many changes, many moments of joy and sadness filled our days and we are grateful for all of them because we are going through the motions and embracing our journey growing stronger as friends, partners, designers, mothers , wives, daughters and sisters by celebrating today!  Thank you to all of you for surrounding us 🖤 #shelfie
▷ Hexagonale Fliesen Küchen in 34 beeindruckenden Designs

- Kitchen (Alcove, backsplash ... make it more spacy)

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- SPA feel Bedroom (new Headboard, Lightning)

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a green and gold vase sitting on top of a white floor next to a round object
DEPOT Onlineshop | Alles für ein traumhaftes Zuhause
three different colored stools sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a couch
Barock Möbel und Accessoires |
a bed sitting in the middle of a room next to a white chair
Lovisa Häger | An Interior Affair | Residence
a round stool with wooden legs and a grey velvet upholstered seat, viewed from the front
Butlers BUTLERS VELVET MOMENTS Hocker Samt | Galeria Kaufhof
a blue ottoman with gold trim on it
Samt-Hocker Hanni, gefunden bei Möbel Höffner
several different colored stools sitting next to each other on a white counter top in a room
Eleganter Sitzhocker MODERN BAROCK 35cm Samt mint silber Beistelltisch
a blue couch sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a book shelf filled with books
Porter Sea Blue Sofa - Bed Bath & Beyond - 14096469
a blue couch sitting in front of a window next to a table with vases on it
10 Beautiful Rooms - Mad About The House