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an advertisement for a quilt project featuring houses and trees
Album Archive
Album Archive - Sulky Village
an image of a square that is in the middle of a floor plan, with several squares
Connecting Threads - Exclusive Quilting Fabric, Thread, Kits, Patterns & Supplies
a woman holding up a piece of art made out of colored paper and fabric, in front of a quilted wall
Pineapple Quilt Tutorial
an abstract geometric design in grey and white
Free Pineapple Quilt Patterns: Step-by-Step Instructions in 2 Sizes
the cover of 25 + fabric sew projects, including bags and pencils in various patterns
25+ Things to Make With Fabric Selvage
a colorful quilt hanging from a clothes line with palm trees in the backgroud
Tutorial: Selvedge Block and Quilt
Flourishing Palms: Tutorial: Selvedge Block and Quilt
an art work with many different colors and patterns on it, including strips of paper
Tutorial: Selvedge Block and Quilt
the words how to make string quilts on top of different fabrics
Overrun with Scraps? Make String Quilts! (Tutorial)
Transform your fabric scraps into beautiful new scrappy quilts by making string quilts. A tutorial from NewQuilters.com. #stringquilts #stringquilttutorial #stringquiltsideas
a multicolored patchwork quilt on display
Overrun with Scraps? Make String Quilts! (Tutorial)
How to Make String Quilts | New Quilters
some blue and white fabric sitting on top of a wooden table with text overlay
10 Awesome Ways to Use Old Jeans for Home Decor
Check out the tutorial on how to make a decorative DIY coaster from old jeans @istandarddesign
four different colored pieces of paper laid out on the floor
Rectangle half square
a blue and red quilt hanging from a tree in front of a house with a sign on it
Denim 6.5" sq and 2.5" sq for patches
Kool-Aid Dye Guide//use for next time try dying yarn or even eggs Hair Styles, Ombre, Dyed Hair, Dye My Hair, Dye Hair, Cute Hairstyles, Crazy Hair, Cool Hairstyles, Tye Dye
Disney.com | The official home for all things Disney
Kool-Aid Dye Guide//use for next time try dying yarn or even eggs
there are many jars lined up on the ground together, each with different colored liquid in them
Kool Aid Yarn Dyeing Tutorial
Someone asked that I detail the process for anyone who was interested in doing this at home, so here you go, Susie! Materials: 1 quart jar 2-4 packets of KoolAid in colors you like white vinegar wa…