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two women sitting at a table making bowls and spoons with pottery on the table
11 Memorable 25th Birthday Ideas To Enjoy With Your Friends - Its Claudia G
a glass piggy bank filled with coins on a pink background and the bottom half is empty
7 Things Frequent Travelers Do to Save Money for Vacations
7 Things Frequent Travelers Do to Save Money for Vacations | SELF
Make Up, Instagram, Trucco, Fotografie, Maquillaje, Arc, Makeup, Acne, Perawatan Kulit
Herw0rld 🧝🏽‍♀️
a truck driving down a winding road next to a lush green hillside with mountains in the background
Enchanting Lavaux
A stone’s throw from Lausanne (only five minutes by train to Lutry), the atmosphere is completely different. Goodbye city, hello vineyards. With Lake Geneva as the constant backdrop, Lavaux is a must-see for all visitors to the area, as well as for locals. ©LT/Christophe Voisin
boats are docked in the water near a fence
Geneve, Switzerland, aesthetic, jet d’eau, lake
a woman laying in bed with her head on the pillow and she is covered by an overstuffed blanket
a woman is running on a treadmill
The Best Workouts To Build Your Summer Bod - Society19
a woman sitting in a chair next to paintings
a woman sitting in a chair painting on the wall
"View Of Female Artist Legs As She Paints On Canvas" by Stocksy Contributor "Jovo Jovanovic"
there are two vases with flowers in them next to an open book and lemons
Meet the Florist Behind Instagram's Dreamiest Still Lifes - Sight Unseen