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the ingredients for homemade lavender citrus air freshener
Homemade Air Freshener Recipe
Homemade Air Freshener | Two ways I keep my bathrooms fresh and clean. Come see! Keep your home fresh smelling with this DIY baking soda air freshener. See the tutorial on
a mason jar filled with baby diapers next to an essential oil bottle that says diy dryer sheets safe and nontoxic
Homemade Fabric Softener Sheets
Ditch the toxins and learn how easy it is to make your own fabric softener sheets! It only requires a couple ingredients. These natural dryer sheets are super effective for making your laundry soft, static-free, and fresh-smelling. #laundry #naturalcleaning #nontoxic #diy #fullgreenlife
Drive with Heart: Heart-Shaped Car Diffuser
Drive with heart and style with our Heart-Shaped Car Diffuser. Elevate your car's interior with calming aromas
a bottle of zero waste air freshener sits next to lemons and baby's breath
Zero Waste Air Freshener: Citrus Room Spray - Greenify Me
Zero Waste Air Freshener: Citrus Room Spray
a bottle of mattress spray sitting on top of a white bed with the words mattress spray written below it
Chemical Free Cleaning
a diy car freshener is being used to make a maple leaf ornament
DIY Car Freshener | How to Make A Car Smell Good Naturally - Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry
Store bought car fresheners can be really strong and overwhelming. Instead try a DIY Car Freshener using a wood ornament and essential oils.
four jars filled with different types of air freshener oils
DIY Air Freshener Jars with Essential Oils for a Fresh Home
If you’ve ever opened your closets or clothing drawers to a less than pleasant scent, you will love these simple and natural DIY air freshener jars! Place one in your bathroom, car, closet, shoe cabinet or any other space in your home that’s prone to odors. Inexpensive and easy to make with baking soda and essential oils. Dried lavender buds, raffia ribbon and a sprig of eucalyptus add a touch of beauty. #alifeadjacent #essentialoils #homehacks
a person holding a bottle with some plants in it and a tag attached to the bottle
6 Mood-Boosting Room Sprays to Help Beat the Winter Blues
7 DIY Room Sprays to Make Any Winter Magical - SimplyNaturalMama
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How to make natural lavender and lemon room spray for spring
How to make natural lavender and lemon room spray for spring