a white staircase with blue and white carpeting next to a lamp on a table
stair runner: NELSON HANCOCK PHOTOGRAPH – DESIGN MARKHAM ROBERTS – This one obviously goes to the floor which looks good here and it follows the curve perfectly.
a living room filled with furniture and a large tree in the window over looking outside
Belgian elegance by Benoit Viaene - AboutDecorationBlog
Belgian elegance, Benoit Viaene Table by window, then long table mid room
a living room with white walls and grey furniture
Kaws, Contemporary Artist Opens the Doors of His Artsy Home to AD
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a wooden table topped with purple flowers next to a white clock and teapot on top of it
Portfolio - KIM KLASSEN dot COM
a bed with white sheets and pillows next to a small table with flowers in it
Guest room ideas--a chair doubles as a night table and plant stand.
a bedroom with white walls and flooring has a large painting on the wall above the bed
Bedroom decor tips; calm colours, simple lines and natural unfussy materials.
a dining room table with chairs and a light fixture hanging from it's ceiling
Mono Apartments by NOTE Design Studio
I am really into round kitchen tables although have yet to own one....and this is a stunning example of being just right for the space.
a kitchen sink sitting under a window next to a wooden cutting board and potted plant
I am still sitting on the fence about open shelving in the kitchen. Undoubtedly, it is a fabulous look, but it really must fit with your family life style, and supply of crockery and kitchen paraphernalia.
a table with a book and vase on it
Total staircase envy...complimenting the simple rustic timber wall panelling and minimalist light wood décor.
a woman walking past a bed in a room with white walls and wooden floors,
The similarities and complementarities of Japanese and Scandinavian design cultures: based on minimalism and the simplicity of clean lines, authentic imperfect beauty (wabi sabi), natural materials, warm comfort (hygge) and quality craftsmanship. Both design styles are based on practical, uncluttered spaces and well considered statement pieces.
a bedroom with white walls and pictures on the wall above the bed, along with a small desk
Scandinavian Interior Design Will Always Be in—How to Get the Look Here
Scandinavian Interior Design Will Always Be in—Here's How to Get the Look | MyDomaine
a bed and chair in a room with wood paneling on the walls, along with a wooden headboard
Home - Mollies
Not your average motel or drive-through decor...but clearly worth a peak-in when in Oxfordshire. Upholstery by Bartons Bespoke.